Kiliper corporation stretch sleeves on plastic bottles

Benefits of Stretch Sleeve Label Technology

Stretch sleeve label technology is widely recognized for its durability and ease of operation. These labels are a great solution because they are cost-effective, provide optimal coverage and shelf appeal, offer easy application, and are environmentally superior. If you’re looking to try a different packaging technology, we will explain why you should look to stretch sleeve labels.

1. Stretch Sleeves Are Cost Effective

Lower Operating Costs:
Stretch sleeve labels require no adhesives or heat during application, which lower overhead costs.
Longer Shelf Life:
Stretch sleeve labels support conditions for a longer shelf life because they resist moisture, temperature, and light. They may also enable product wall thickness to be reduced and eliminate the need for colored containers.

2. Stretch Sleeves Provide Optimal Coverage and Shelf Appeal

360 Degree Product Coverage:
Stretch sleeve labels cover 360 degrees of your product, which provides more space for branding, product / safety information, special offers, etc.
High Impact Graphics:
Our printing press capabilities allow us to print up to 8 colors including 4 color process.

3. Stretch Sleeves Are Easy To Apply 

Low Density / Highly Elastic Material:
Stretch sleeve labels are typically made of LDPE, a highly elastic material. During application, the labels are stretched over the container to conform to its shape. Stretch sleeves are a great solution for complex containers ranging 8 ounces to 55 gallons.
No Adhesive or Heat:
Compared to other labeling solutions, stretch sleeve label application is simplified because it does not require heat or adhesive. This also reduces the carbon footprint of stretch sleeve labels and leads to cost-savings over time.

4. Environmental Superiority

No Adhesive or Heat:
This reduces energy consumption and leads to cost savings over time.
Stretch sleeve labels are 100% recyclable. The low density material and no adhesive during application allows for easier separation during the recycling process and leaves a smaller environmental impact.

At Kiliper Corporation, we specialize in custom printed stretch sleeve labels and can help take you from concept to completion. If you’re looking for a new flexible packaging partner, contact us today!